Wk 13. Final Thoughts

We finally made it! We learnt so much and now we hope to apply it in our music classrooms.

Just to recap on the what we’ve learnt:

  • Sequencing/DAW
  • Notation softwares
  • Filming and recording
  • Screen Flow – video editing
  • Copyright issues
  • iBooks Author- Creating interactive resources – text, graphics, audio, video & interaction
  • Google Suite (Google Classroom, Sites etc) – Camilla
  • MakerMovement
  • Synthesisers
  • GTD

Finishing off the semester, we had discussions on the questions, ‘Can we learn everything from technology? Do we need a teacher to learn?’ With how much knowledge you can get from the internet now days, it plausible to ask this questions. This is where Surface learning and Deep learning come into play. With technology, we can access limitless amount of knowledge when and wherever we want, however, thats only the part of learning. So far, technology can’t replace the teacher’s roll of leading the students to think deeper and teaching more advanced levels of learning.

Following on, the topics on ‘Childhood at risk vs Childhood empowered’ surfaced. Is technology helping children learn or is it harmful to them? As teachers, should we have technology in our classrooms? I say yes to all of these. In some ways, technology can be very useful in but also can be a negative factor in teaching. An excessive amount of anything can be detrimental so using technology should be done in moderation. Of course it is not easy to keep the balance but we should always be critical about what is beneficial to the students and strive to do what is best for their development.

During the course of this semester we gained so much about technology in music education and the advantages and the disadvantages that comes along with it. I am thankful for this wonderful course and to James and the guest speakers who came to impart their knowledge to us.


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