Wk 12. BE AWARE!

How much of your time is spent on technology? Was is useful? How lost are you when you don’t have your phone, tablets or computers?

Sometimes we need to look back and think about how much we are reliant on technology and how much our time is wasted on it. Do you check your phone more than necessary, when you should be doing more productive work? Feel like there is never enough time? Well this is why James introduced to us “GTD (Getting Things Done)!

GTD is a system created by David Allen which you organise your work in a way so that you are more productive. Essentially, you break down your work or other things you want to do, to either doing it now, never or plan for later and plan action that are achievable. He is a flowchart of how it works:

‘Wunderlist’ now transferring to ‘Microsoft To Do,’ is a great app go get things organised and for following the GTD. But besides this there are many other apps; ProofHub, Todoist, GoogleTasks etc.

Having a ‘Done Wall’ as an encouragement so that you know the things you’ve accomplished.

Now here is an eye-opener. The brain is NOT capable of multi-tasking! You think, “What! That doesn’t make sense, I’m doing it now! Writing my report and watching Youtube!” Well are you? How productive is it? You are not actually writing and watching at the same time, you’re only switching from task to task as our brains can’t actually do two things at once. In fact, trying to multitask has quite a negative effect on your performance. Your brain becomes jumbled up and you become bad at recalling, get distracted more, make mistakes and have a hard time switching from task to task. So next time you think you are multitasking, think again.


Here is another food for thought. Facts about Youtube:

  • ‘Recommend’ – does not mean it is useful for you
  • It’s aim is to keep you on YouTube as long as it can

Recommendation of books:

  • The Art of Procrastination – John Perry
  • Essentialism – Greg McKeown


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