Wk 13. Final Thoughts

We finally made it! We learnt so much and now we hope to apply it in our music classrooms. Just to recap on the what we’ve learnt: Sequencing/DAW Notation softwares Filming and recording Screen Flow – video editing Copyright issues iBooks Author- Creating interactive resources – text, graphics, audio, video & interaction Google Suite (Google … More Wk 13. Final Thoughts

Wk 12. BE AWARE!

How much of your time is spent on technology? Was is useful? How lost are you when you don’t have your phone, tablets or computers? Sometimes we need to look back and think about how much we are reliant on technology and how much our time is wasted on it. Do you check your phone … More Wk 12. BE AWARE!

Wk 8. MakerMovement

With the introduction of ‘LittleBits Synth Kit’ last week, we stepped into MakerMovement which is all about hands-on creativity through project-based learning that engages with STEM. MakerMovement in Music allows students to develop their creative minds in music by making DIY music technology such as ‘LittleBits Synth Kit.’ James arranged a ‘MakerSpace’ – a classroom … More Wk 8. MakerMovement

Wk 7. Creating a Synthesiser and Coding Music!?

Creating a Synth How is sound produced on synthesisers? This is how! Power -> Oscillator -> Speaker Basically what happens is the current (from the power) gets transferred as waves of signal (in the oscillator) to be produced as air vibrations/sound (from the speaker). In class we experimented with the ‘LittleBits Synth Kit‘ which is … More Wk 7. Creating a Synthesiser and Coding Music!?

Wk 6. Gamification?

Guest speaker: Rebecca Ly – Games in Music Education What is Gamification? Whatever it is, sounds fun! And it IS a way of making everyday activities more engaging by adding game ‘elements’ such as reward points, levelling up, badges and goals. For example, earning points for completing homework everyday and if you do this for … More Wk 6. Gamification?