Digital Creative Projects: Show & Tell!

What an awesome night!

To finalise our Creative Tech Project, we had a great chance to share what we had created in Tech class, to those who came along to the “Technology in Music Ed: Presentation of Learning” night, including guests, family and friends.

We kicked off the night with Jennifer’s welcome and anyone could step up to tables where each student/group was stationed in order to experience the projects. There were many awesome projects, starting with digital stories, compositions/covers/live music created using DAWs with sequencing, games, teaching resources, compositions made using looping, to DIY drum & floor keyboard. Most of us were stationed at tables but some of the students decided to present their projects on the stage.

In between we had two guest speakers; Erin Hendry and Keith (from Music EdNet). Erin was very informative about the advantages and concerns of using technology in teaching music. She taught us that when using technology, we had to consider whether it was helping or not. What was impactful to me was that she said we don’t have to be pressured to use technology in our classrooms, which I didn’t realise that I did actually feel like that. Other tips were to always model and have back-ups (because there is always a possibility of the technology not working!).

People came to my station and tried out my game and asked questions about the creative process. I noticed that for some it was difficult to control and for others they got the hand of it more easily (you could tell who were the gamers).

Game start page

Though I felt a little guilty about leaving my station, I wanted to see what the other projects were like. The digitals stories I saw were really cool with amazing drawing and beautiful music. Though I wanted to see more in depth of the others’ projects, unfortunately it was time for the night to end. But it really was fun night!


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